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Get the Whole Family In On the Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge

The Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge invites families to take on a minimum of 12 outdoor hotspots in the Inlet region by hiking, biking, or paddling. Each hike listed in the challenge is relatively short and family-friendly.

hiking challenge patch shaped like a boot

Check out the rules below, research the hikes (or bikes, or paddles) you'd like to take on, and then make a plan with the fam!

Photos provided by the Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge.

The Rules of the Challenge

Hike, bike, or paddle 12 of the following 17 locations, fill out the brochure on the Town of Inlet's website (or bring the relevant information to the Inlet Information Office at 160 Route 28), and you'll be listed on the Town's website and can receive a $5 patch.

Each location is rated easy for hiking unless otherwise noted.

fire tower in winter
Photo credit: Brittany DePasquale

1) Rondaxe Mountain (Bald Mountain)

  • Hike or bike
  • Just under 1 mile, intermediate
  • Fire tower at the summit (please do not climb fire tower in the winter)

2) Bubb Lake & Sis Lake

  • Hike, bike, or paddle
  • 0.8 miles to Bubb Lake, 1.5 miles to Sis Lake

3) Cascade Lake

  • Hike, bike, or paddle
  • Trail to lake an easy 2 miles, plus an additional easy mile to falls

4) Moss Lake

  • Hike, bike, or paddle
  • Trail around lake is 3 miles; this also serves as a trailhead to Bubb Lake (1.5 miles) and Sis Lake (2.5 miles)

5) West Pond Falls

  • Hike, bike, or paddle
  • Trail to falls is about .5 miles
path leading to woods
Photo credit: Brittany DePasquale

6) Ferd's Bog

  • Hike or bike
  • Trail is .4 miles and turns into a floating boardwalk that takes you out into the bog

7) Shallow Lake

  • Hike, bike, or paddle
  • Trail to lake is 2.1 miles; if Browns Tract Campground is open you can access the trail through campsite #68 for a 1.4 mile hike

8) Rocky Mountain

  • Hike or bike
  • Moderately difficult, 0.6-mile hike to summit

9) Black Bear Mountain

  • Hike or bike
  • Two ways to reach summit: one is moderately steep and 3.5 miles, the other is 2.1 miles but steeper

10) Limekiln Lake

  • Paddle

11) Old Dam Nature Trail

  • Hike or bike
  • 1.6-mile loop

12) Mitchell Ponds

  • Hike, bike, or paddle
  • Trail to Upper Mitchell Pond is 2 miles, then continues to Lower Mitchell Pond

13) Beaver Lake

  • Hike, bike, or paddle
  • Trail to lake is 2.1 miles

14) Cathedral Pines

  • Hike or bike
  • .1 miles 
Photo credit: Adele Burnett

15) Bug Lake

  • Hike, bike, or paddle
  • Trail to lake is 1.5 miles

16) Fulton Chain of Lakes

  • Paddle any one of the Chain of Lakes

17) T.O.B.I.E. Trail

  • Hike or bike
  • This is a pedestrian trail that connects several different areas; you can hike or bike any part of this trail

As this challenge launched on October 3, 2015, any hike, bike, or paddle completed prior to that date will not be able to be counted.

Good luck!

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