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How I Feel When Hiking In The ADKs

There's nothing quite like hiking in the Adirondacks!

Every time I go for a hike, I'm always overwhelmed by indescribable feelings! From euphoria to awe to pure exhaustion, I've experienced the whole range during my time in the peaks. To help you understand what to expect on your next hiking adventure, I've translated those feelings into pictures! Think you can do better? Choose a trail from our list of Adirondack Mountain hikes and see if you can describe how it makes you feel!

When I hike in the Adirondacks, I feel...

Like I Just Found Heaven

hiker and bright sun
Photo: Edith St. Laurent

Like A Kid Again

girl cartwheeling on mountain
Photo: Nadine Gilmore Britton

Like I Can Fly

Photo: Edith St. Laurent

Like A Master Of Physics

rock pile

Or Jenga.

Photo: Mike Tracy

Like The Luckiest Person On The Planet

Photo: Chris Tennant

Like Taking A Breather

girl sitting on summit
Photo: Brittney Keyes

Like Taking A Really Long Breather

Photo: Greg Cooke

Like An Animal

^post-hike selfie

Like Woah.

Photo: Trish Hennessy

Like There's No Place I'd Rather Be

Photo: Tom Kennedy

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