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Most Popular Photos of 2018 in the ADK

Our Facebook fans submitted so many gorgeous photos this year! After looking back on them all, we've selected seven of our favorite for the 2018 gallery of popular Adirondack photos.

Rainbow Reflecting on Brant Lake

rainbow reflecting on the water
Photo: Carl Heilman II

Ice on Lower Cascade

cracked ice on lake
Photo: Brad Wenskoski Photography


whiteface summit in winter
Photo: Forever N Wild Photography by Scott Yakey

Hurricane Fire Tower

fire tower with light on
Photo: Carl Heilman II

Good Luck Lake

good luck lake photo
Photo: Keith Banta

Lewey Lake

lake in the fall
Photo: Skip Van Lenten

Indian Lake Fishing Trip

paddler on a lake
Photo: Lori Ann

If you want your pictures to be featured in the 2019 gallery, be sure to share them with us on Facebook!

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