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Why Choose an Adirondack Summer Camp?

Discover the many benefits your child will receive when you choose an Adirondack summer camp. While there are many great camps in Upstate New York to choose from, the Adirondacks offer a unique environment and an experience unlike any other.

happy campers at an adirondack camp

Mountains, lakes, rivers and streams contribute to the many varied summer camp activities that will be available to your child at an Adirondack summer camp. If you are looking for a worthwhile outdoor summer camp experience for your child, there is no better setting than the Adirondacks!

Top 3 Reasons Your Kid Will Love Summer Camp

adirondack campers sailing
  • Adventure - Adirondack summer camp leaders plan something fun each day, so there are always new activities and adventures to discover. From swimming and sports to arts and crafts, your child will get the chance to sharpen their skills, try new things and have fun doing it - all with the stunning backdrop of a flawless Adirondack Park.
  • Friends - Camp offers your child the opportunity to connect and interact with new friends and discover new playmates they might not have otherwise met. Kids come to summer camps in the Adirondacks from Albany, New York City, Syracuse, and other areas. They may get the opportunity to learn about different backgrounds and develop friendships that can last a lifetime.
  • Community - While away at an Adirondack summer camp, children find a sense of community that makes them feel accepted. It's a chance for them to break out of their shell and share in an experience they can grow from and an adventure they will never forget. There's no better setting for developing a sense of community than in the Adirondacks, where you're removed from busy city settings or bustling suburbs - it's just the kids, the councilors, and the whole Park at your fingertips.

Top 3 Benefits Of An Adirondack Summer Camp

adirondack summer camp kids play soccer
  • Exercise - With plenty of outdoor adventure and Adirondack summer camp activities to enjoy, your child's heart will be pumping all summer long. Activities offered at Adirondack camps could include sailing, archery, rock climbing, and much more. Though it may seem like all fun and games to him/her, it is also helping to keep them in shape through the summer months when there is no gym class.
  • Learning - Summer camp can be a great learning experience for your child. New activities, sports, new social skills, comradery and a newfound independence are all things you can expect your child to learn while away at camp.
  • Environment - Your child will have a chance to discover nature in many new and varied ways while at an Adirondack summer camp. They will discover the beauty and wonder of the Adirondacks, including unique plants and wildlife, while breathing in the fresh mountain air.

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