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Rouses Point, NY: A Small Village On The US-Canadian Border

Rouses Point is a quiet village in Northeastern New York nestled on the US-Canadian border. Residing on the coast of Lake Champlain, Rouses Point offers visitors plenty of opportunities to enjoy water activities, especially during the beautiful summers. Hit the lake for a scenic boat ride or grab your fishing pole to reel in a prize catch.

Fort Montgomery in Rouses Point NY

Photo by Adam Moss, CC BY-SA 2.0

For the land lovers, there is always the opportunity to shop the hometown stores that make up Downtown Rouses Point. While going in and out of each store, take a second to marvel at the beautiful landscape that the village resides among.

History buffs will recall Rouses Point as the backdrop of the infamous Fort Blunder. Fort Montgomery, of which parts still stand today for visitors to view, had actually started being built on the Canadian side of the border until a surveyor noticed the error. It took two years for someone to notice, but once it was construction started again on the US side.

Rouses Point Ice Rink
Rouses Point, NY
The ice arena at the Rouses Point Civic Center is typically open from October 1st through March 30th. Public skating is available ... [+More]