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What is Your Favorite Fall Activity?

We asked our Adirondack Facebook fans what their favorite fall activity was and put together a photo slideshow. Here are the results:

Top 10 Favorite Fall Activities in the Adirondacks

1. Hiking Or Walking

fall leaves on trees
"Hiking on a colorful leaf-strewn trail, fresh cool air, blue skies, mountain peaks in the background, red, gold, orange, greens in the foreground..." - Janice T. Cranch

Hiking the Adirondacks during the fall is a truly amazing experience and offers some of the most breathtaking views in New York State.

2. Apple Picking

red apples near leaves
"Wandering through an apple orchard looking for the perfect apple!" - Lori Miller

Apple picking is a fun fall tradition that is perfect to do with the whole family. The Adirondacks are full of apple orchards with apples ripe for the picking.

3. Leaf Peeping

Colorful autumn leaves
"Looking out my window watching the leaves change every day into beautiful colors does it for me!" - Lorraine Williams

The tree population in the Adirondacks is mainly dominated by only a few species of deciduous trees that all tend to change color around the same time, making the Adirondacks home to some of the best fall foliage.

4. The Adirondack Balloon Festival

a hot air balloon launch
The Adirondack Balloon Festival, held each September, is a truly breathtaking Adirondack tradition. Witness this stunning event as dozens of hot air balloons launch all at once and glide high above the countryside.

5. Camping

tent outdoors
"Camping in the fall is nice. The days are warm but not too warm, nights are cool, good sleeping weather." - Pamela Tromblee 

The Adirondacks are known for being one of the best camping destinations in New York State. The natural beauty of the area's abundant lakes, lush forests, and views is enhanced during the fall by the gorgeous colors of the millions of changing leaves.

6. Spotting Wildlife

"The Adirondacks put you so close to nature and wildlife. It is exciting to have a deer cross your path or a bald eagle fly overhead. I've never actually spotted a moose, but it would be amazing!" - Destiny Malone

There are so many species of animals native to the Adirondacks. Wildlife spotting during the fall can be an exciting experience for the whole family.

7. Going For A Scenic Drive

road with leaves on it
"Taking a Sunday ride to look at the leaves!" - Patti Moran

There are many scenic routes throughout the Lake George and Adirondack regions that provide one of the best ways to see fall foliage. Browse our Fall Foliage Guide or learn more about the Top 5 Scenic Fall Routes to start planning your trip.

8. Pumpkin Picking

wooden stand with pumpkins on it
Whether you plan to carve jack-o-lanterns or make a delicious pumpkin pie, pumpkin picking is another fall tradition that just can't be beat! Browse local farms for pumpkin picking and more fun fall activities.

9. Playing In The leaves

kids throwing leaves
"Raking leaves into a huge pile and watching our kids play in them!" - Jady Simmons

Young and old alike will have fun playing around in giant leaf piles! 

10. Photography

fall leaves on the ground
"Taking pics of leaves, I sure do miss home!" - Sara DeBuque 

With all of the natural beauty and splendor that can be found in the Adirondacks during fall, it is an excellent opportunity to explore and take fantastic photos of the nature that surrounds you. Check out Carl Heilman II's fall photos!

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