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Hiking With Dogs In The Adirondacks

Editor's Note: Please follow the DEC and CDC guidelines to adhere to social distancing while hiking and recreating outdoors during this public health crisis. Hikers are asked to stick to trails close to home and only hike with immediate household family members. Read more from the DEC »

The Adirondack Mountains are a lovely place to explore with any companion, especially the furry ones. We asked our Facebook fans for suggestions on the best places to hike with dogs, and they came through with over fifty comments!

Below you'll find guides to doggy hiking and adventures along with tips and tricks.

A dog's size is definitely a factor in deciding what trail to hike. These hikes are good for larger, more energetic dogs.
Small dogs, puppies, and older dogs are better with lower elevation hikes that don't have large waterways or overly steep sections.
The Adirondacks can be difficult even for humans, and some trails are off-limits for dogs. Here are some of the trails to avoid to keep your canine safe and happy.
Know before you go! Here are some good-to-know tips and etiquette rules to learn before you hit the trails with your pooch.

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