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Ausable Chasm: The Grand Canyon of the East

If it isn't already, Ausable Chasm must be on your Adirondacks bucket list. Check out what makes this attraction so special and what to expect when you visit with your family.

Ausable Chasm: Thrilling Since 1870

ausable chasm falls

Ausable Chasm has been impressing visitors since 1870 with its unique canyon comprised of 500-million-year-old rock. It was one of the first attractions open to the public in this country, and has been around even before Adirondack Park was established in 1892.

The chasm was formed around 10,000 years ago during the last Ice Age. As glaciers retreated, deep gorges and cliffs were formed that define the chasm today. Melted water from the glaciers flowed through the area, eroding the rock and further shaping the chasm.

The attraction is still changing, forming, and reforming today, thanks to the ongoing erosion and weathering. Visitors today come to see the picturesque rock formations, flowing waterfalls, and gorgeous river views. It's known as the "Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks!"

three people pose on ausable riverwalk

Hike, Climb, Float, Kayak - Choose Your Own Adventure!

Visitors have a variety of options and tours to check out at Ausable Chasm, all of which highlight the stunning landscapes and beauty of the attraction. 

Adventure Trail

Strap on a harness and crisscross over the raging river on this guided tour that includes cable bridges, a cargo net climb, and edge walks.

Lantern Tours

Explore Ausable Chasm when dusk falls, through a guided tour deep in the dark canyon 150 feet below. 

people on a raft going through ausable chasm

Raft Float Tours

This scenic float tour begins between the tower cliffs of the Grand Flume, the narrowest and deepest section of the Ausable Chasm.

Tubing Float Tours

Float down the river at your own pace after enjoying a 1-mile walk through the upper chasm.


Experience Ausable Chasm from 130 feet high in the air. Beginners are welcome!


Walk over a suspended bridge surrounded by towering rock walls, with the Ausable River below you.

rock climbing at ausable chasm

Rock Climbing

Seasoned climbers can scale the wall right over the river, while novice climbers can get their bearings on rocks close by.

They also have mountain biking trails and disc golf!

Feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the options? Most guests opt for the two-part Classic Tour, which includes a hike through the upper chasm followed by a scenic floating trip on a raft through the lower chasm.

summer and winter at ausable chasm

Know Before You Go: Info for Visitors

Ausable Chasm has several options for visitors, depending on what activities you're interested in. Rates start with the basic "trails only" admission, which includes the 5 miles of self-guided park trails that are open year-round (some activities are seasonal).

There are separate admission options for the riverwalk, raft/tube float tours, and the adventure trail. You can also check out adventure packages that include more than one activity. 

Visitors tend to spend at least a couple of hours at Ausable Chasm, but you could easily make a day out of it.

Want to stay longer to be able to experience more? They have a package for that, and on-site accommodations!

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man looks out from walkway at ausable chasm

What the Guests Are Saying

Ausable Chasm has rave reviews on Google, such as:

"Beautiful, breathtaking views of the chasm and falls. The woods are equally beautiful walking through. Trails are easily marked."

"Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or simply seeking a peaceful escape, Ausable Chasm is a must-visit destination that promises to leave you in awe of the beauty of our planet."

"Overall the trip is awesome. One of the most impressive things that we checked out in a 3-day trip to the Adirondack region."

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