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Keene Valley Guide

Discover the Keene Valley Region! The Adirondacks' High Peaks crown this region with majesty, and activities abound, ranging from hiking to rock climbing and more.

keene valley lodge sign
Learn what makes the Keene Valley / High Peaks Region such a popular Adirondacks destination for hiking, climbing and more!
hikers climbing cascade
Get the facts about the 46 High Peaks, including elevation, hiking difficulty and other useful data.
people rock climbing
These popular cliffs are widely known for their great (and challenging) rock climbing conditions.
lower cascade lake in winter
Cascade Lakes are a scenic setting, with access to Pitchoff Mountain trails and more.
ausable chasm
Ausable Chasm was the nation's first tourist attraction - ride the Ausable River rapids and take a walking tour!
field near wilmington
Keene Valley is located in the Ausable Valley Region, which is full of quiet towns and breathtaking natural wonders.
mount colvin in keene
Keene NY is home to Mount Marcy, the highest peak in New York State! Learn more about this Adirondack town.
mount marcy
Mount Marcy is the highest peak in New York State! Learn more about the mountain and the hike to the top.