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Photo Gallery of Incredible Adirondack Winter Snowstorms

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! The Adirondacks traditionally have some crazy winter storms that frequently compete with Buffalo for overall snowfall totals. The Tug Hill region in particular is known for its record-breaking winters. Check out some of these great photos sent in by our Facebook fans in and around the Adirondacks who have seen their fair share of winter snow!  

The Snowplow Will Come By... Eventually

neighborhood covered with snow

Beautiful Trees All Dressed In White

trees covered in snow

Really Mom? You Want Me To Shovel.... This??

snow piled on cars

Going Nowhere Fast

snow blanketing a street

Good Thing You Didn't Buy Me A White Snowsuit!

kid in snow pile

There's Nowhere More Cozy Than Home

birdhouse with snow

Car? What Car?

giant pile of snow

Hmmm -- Not Quite Sure How To Tackle This...

large snow bank

Maybe We Should Shovel The Roof Next...

snow on top of a house and garage

You're Doing A Great Job, Honey

snow on top of a car

I Might Be A Little Late For Work

snow covering a car

Unidentified Snowy Object (And Icicles)

snow and hanging icicles

Winter In The Adirondacks - Bring On The Snow!!

stunning adirondack winter photos picture

PLEASE NOTE: The above photos were submitted by readers who gave permission for their work to be featured on These photos cannot be reused, republished or redistributed without the explicit permission of the owner.

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