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Adirondack Winter Guide: Discover Fun Activities & Events

There is no sight quite like the majestic Adirondack Mountains cloaked in a white blanket of shimmering snow. Winter in the Northeast is one of the most breathtaking seasons of the year, and it is also one of the best times to be outdoors.

Abundant snowfall and various activities make each winter season an event to remember. Below, you'll find details on top winter festivals and events, outdoor recreational fun, things to do, and much more in our Adirondack Winter Guide.

So many fun events take place each winter in the Adirondacks. From Old Forge's Snodeo to the Empire State Winter Games, mark your calendar for these events now.
It's difficult to keep track of the dozens of winter carnivals and festivals that take place each year in the Adirondacks, so we've compiled a full list.
Zip down the snowy slopes of majestic Adirondack mountains this winter. There are plenty of trails for skiers and riders of all ability levels to enjoy.
Go on a cross-country skiing adventure! Trek through the Adirondack wilderness and explore a variety of both groomed and ungroomed trails.
Snowshoeing is relatively easy to pick up, and it's possible to snowshoe virtually anywhere, including your own backyard! Try it out this winter season.
Ready to go hiking this winter in the Adirondacks? Make sure you know what to wear, what to bring, and what to do to stay safe. Get all the details in our winter hiking guide.
Before you take your furry friend on a hike this winter, make sure you know these helpful safety tips about how to prepare and what you should bring.
Discover hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails throughout the Adirondacks. Rent a snowmobile, go on a guided tour, or ride all on your own.
Want to go ice fishing this winter? Get the basics on ice fishing in the Adirondacks; we have tips on safety guidelines, gear suggestions, and more.
If you don't mind the snow or cold weather, then camping can be a year-round outdoor activity. Learn some winter camping tips for the Adirondacks.
Lace up your skates and enjoy the winter season by ice skating in the Adirondacks. Visit some of these indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks in the region.
Looking to get vertical this winter? Read some safety tips, and then find a place to take on the challenge of ice climbing in the vast Adirondack Park.
Think you've seen everything the Adirondacks has to offer in winter? You might be mistaken! Here are 8 of the region's best and most overlooked winter attractions.
Not a fan of the freezing temperatures this time of year? Stay warm this winter and check out one of these 10 cozy bars located in and around the Adirondacks!
After spending a day on the slopes, there's no better place to warm up than by the fire. Here are local Adirondack winter lodging options that feature fireplaces.
From fun sleigh rides to snow tubing, snowshoeing, and more, discover the many winter activities that are offered throughout the region.
Wondering how a recent storm has impacted schools in the ADKs? Check out our comprehensive list of Adirondack school closings and delays!
Stay safe on the ice this winter by following these essential tips for measuring the thickness and determining how much weight it can hold.
From cold temperatures to thin ice, you want your kids to be safe this season. Here are some outdoor safety tips that every parent should know.
Stay warm this winter! Follow our infographic for tips on how to properly bundle up and enjoy both the snow and chilly winter weather in the ADK.
Protect yourself from frostbite and hypothermia this winter by learning the signs of both. In addition, we have tips on how to treat these medical conditions.
Driving in winter conditions can be challenging, so get your vehicle ready for the snow, ice, and cold by following these tips and preparing ahead of time.
Taking pictures during the winter can be tricky because of the weather conditions. We've got tips to help you perfectly capture those beautiful moments!
Winter is a wonderful time for a trip to the Adirondacks! Never been? Here are six things you should know about this snowy season in the beautiful Adirondack Park.
Looking for the best ski vacation in the east? Check out seven reasons why you should look to the Adirondacks for the perfect ski vacation.
Do kids who ski become smarter, healthier adults? Research suggests they might! Learn how skiing helps kids become active and healthier adults.
Each year, the Adirondack region experiences snowfall like you wouldn't believe! Check out our gallery of extreme photos sent in by our Facebook fans.
Take a look at these gorgeous winter photographs provided by our Facebook fans. You'll want it to be winter in the Adirondacks all the time.
The Adirondack Park is the perfect setting for a romantic winter escape with your sweetheart! From cozy lodging to seasonal activities, there are a lot of ways to have fun.
You haven't enjoyed an Adirondack winter until you've done these five fun things on our editors' recommended winter bucket list for the region.
Not so keen on being outside during winter? Survive all of the season's cold weather events in the Adirondacks by following these helpful tips!
Top chefs from the Capital Region and around the Adirondacks share their favorite game day snacks and recipes! Make one of these dishes for your next sports party.
Keep the kiddos occupied this winter with these fun winter crafts. Spend time outside, then get crafty while the family is warming up indoors.