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Top Holiday Recipes as Chosen by Our Readers

Staying home and cooking with your immediate family this year? Check out recipe ideas below, brought to us our Adirondack Facebook fans when we asked about their favorite holiday dishes.

ambrosia fruit salad
A delicious holiday snack that everyone will love!
Classic cookies to serve for your friends or family.
White Chili
Warm up this winter with a bowl of white chili.
Try this family-friendly twist on a holiday classic!
jello dessert
The perfect dessert to serve at the end of your meal!
pumpkin roll
Tasty, festive dessert that will leave people wanting more.
no bake cookies
These cookies are delicious and easy to make!
pumpkin bread
Taste how good this pumpkin bread is!
chocolate cake
Chocolate cake that makes your mouth water!

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