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Hunting and Fishing in the Adirondacks

The Adirondack Mountains are home to many species of fish and animals. Popular outdoor sports in the region include hunting and fishing for a wide variety of game. If you're a sportsman (or sportswoman) you'll find millions of acres to track, stalk and attempt to take your prey.

If you're not familiar with typical hunting and fishing techniques or the Adirondack Mountains in general, we suggest you head to an outfitter and find some additional information, or even hire a guide. Check out the links below for information on what species you may find, and when you're allowed to take them.

brown trout
Trout and Bass are the most popular fish species caught in the Adirondacks, but anglers also hook Perch, Pike, Walleye and others!
fish on ice
Stream fishing, boat fishing, ice fishing - the Adirondacks has it all! Depending on what species you're after, you can fish year-round!
man holding a fish
Check out these great photos of some awesome fish caught in the Adirondacks!
pond in the adirondacks
See the 8 spots our experts have identified as being the best fishing spots in the Adirondacks!
rowboat on a lake
Find out where else in the Adirondacks to go looking for the type of fish you're after!
buck running
From big game to small game to waterfowl, there are plenty of options throughout the Adirondacks for various types of hunting.
Take a duck, turkey, deer, or even a bobcat depending on the time of year. Find out what is in season, what is not, and what never will be.
group of hunters and a deer
Hire a professional guide for your next hunting trip to get insider tips and expert instruction.
two men holding a fish
Want to learn how to fish or get help finding the best spots? Enlist the services of a local fishing guide!
deer and hunter
Want to see what the Adirondacks has to offer? Take a look at this gallery of successful hunts!