Fishing Photos From The Adirondacks

Wondering what fishing is like in the Adirondacks? Take a look at this gallery of catches from Adirondack fishermen!

Man in blue shirt holding large bass
Aaron Centner

Man on adirondack lake holding large fish
Derek Payne

Man in sweatshirt and fishing vest holding salmon
Cody Duell

Man in boat on Lake George holding large fish
Ed Lockhart

Man pulling two trout out of the water
Erik Beniamino

Long fish laid out on the pine needles
Jeff Boothroyd

Main in waders holding large fish
Kevin Burrall

Man holding large fish in his kitchen
Luke Case

Smiling man in lake holding a fish
Michael Lobdell

Man in cold-weather gear holding large salmon
Robert Demarco

A lake trout in net over rushing water
Scott Stevens

several perch laid out on the lake ice
Scott Stevens

A couple in a boat holding a large fish
Val Lofrumento

Woman in row boat on Adirondack lake holding large fish
Kari Lints

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