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5 Benefits of Having No Cell Service In The Adirondacks

The Adirondacks have remained the same in many ways over the centuries: Hundreds of miles remain untouched and open to exploration, hiking trails from the turn of the century are still used by 46ers, and it's not uncommon to find yourself on a road without asphalt once you venture off the main highways and byways.

People come from hundreds, even thousands, of miles away just to visit our area and become reacclimated with nature; to disconnect from their virtual lifestyles and reconnect with their surroundings; to be free from the entanglements of our fast-paced world.

But people still whine about not getting cell service.

graphic of cell phone bars and trees

Do we live now in an age where we can't go for a week, a day, or even a few hours, without getting cell phone service? Has hiking's sole purpose become a way to get a good Instagram picture? Will the Facebook universe crumble upon itself if you are unable to update your status every time you do any sort of outdoor activity? If the zombie apocolypse finally dawns on us, how will we know without seeing what's trending on Twitter?

You see where this is going.

When you come visit the Adirondacks the LAST thing you should want to do is check your Facebook to see what $25 cocktails your friends are sipping in Manhattan. There's a whole world to explore right outside your door...Literally right outside you can see mountains, lakes, and streams everywhere you look. C'mon, man! Who needs a phone!

So today I want to present to you my case for the benefits of having no cell phone service in the Adirondacks:

1. Take In The Great Views

view of the adirondacks

In our tech-hub homes we take for granted relying on others, mainly through the internet. But what happens when the internet is gone? When you don't have LTE or 4G? That is when you truly discover "what you got."

Take this time to enjoy the true, majestic beauty that is the Adirondacks. Get outdoors, take a hike, and take in the stunning views that the Adirondacks have to offer. See how truly spectacular the Adirondack mountains can be with your own eyes - it really is a whole different experience than simply staring at photos on your phone's screen.

2. Uninterrupted - No Email, No Facebook, No Phone Calls

dog sleeping on a dock on Lake George

Convicing yourself that you don't need your cell phone is only half the battle - you've still got to convince a slew of other people that just because you're not responding to their texts, it doesn't mean that you died or were kidnapped - or worse - are ignoring them.

Simply saying, "I'm going to the Adirondacks, there's no cell service up there" will work for pretty much everyone; it's a well known fact that once you cross into Essex County you're probably going to see more black bears outside your window than service bars on your smartphone.

By warning people not to text you while you are in the Adirondacks, you allow yourself the freedom to lay down and soak up the sun, or just do what whatever it is you want to do, without worrying about some guy at work who refuses to take a chill-pill. If people know not to text you, then you can just worry about doin' you. Say goodbye to your constant Facebook status updates, and hello to the gorgeous mountains.

3. Listen to Crickets and Loons Instead of Ringing & Buzzing

Loon with babies following closely behind on water

Mobile phones have destroyed silence in the 21st century.

Sometimes the best "medicine" is silence. Putting down the phone and ignoring the texts, tweets, updates and push notifications has been proven to reduce your stress. Lose the ringing and buzzing, and instead embrace the silence and the sounds of nature. Listen to the crickets and the loons on the lake. You will be suprised at how easily you relax and how quickly you remember what's really important.

4. You Might Get REALLY Fit

hiking in the adirondacks

Let's face it, cell phones make us lazy and stationary. By putting down the phones, we are much more apt to get outside, enjoy the beauty of the Adirondacks, and be more active. Hiking is an amazing work out, not to mention skiing, snowboarding, skating, snowshoeing and ice climbing (if you're looking for something to REALLY brag about on Facebook) in the winter time. By not having your phone to distract you, you are much more likely to go for a run along the lake or climb Cascade Mountain.

Lose the stress AND work that tush. I'd say that's a win-win.

5. Catch Up

fall foliage reflecting on water in the Adirondacks

The final great thing about being disconnected while you're in the Adirondacks is being able to brag! The fact that the Adirondacks still exist, that you have the freedom to hike in unadulterated wilderness, is somewhat of a miracle in itself. Who wouldn't want to brag about that after they've left and share all the amazing photos that prove it? We know we would. The Adirondacks are the ideal spot to perfect your photography skills. (If you need some help, talk to Carl Heilman.) The views are truly difficult NOT to photograph beautifully. So if you have to pull out that cell phone to snap a few photos, and find no cell service available to instantly post on Instagram, just think ahead. Think about how fun it will be to catch up with the rest of the world in the next few days or weeks.

So there you have it: the 5 benefits of having no cell phone service in the Adirondacks. The next time you're in the Adirondacks and lose cell service I urge you not to become aggravated, but to become grateful. Texts are infinite, your vacation is not.

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Photo Credits: Mitchell Kapp and Michael Tracy