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The Beauty of Winter Hiking in the Adirondacks - Get a Glimpse of What This Area Has to Offer!

The pristine, white snow covering mountains as far as the eye can see. The peaceful quiet of the snow falling. The crunching of the snow underneath your boots. The feel of breathing in that crisp, cool air. We invite you to come into the majestic world of the Adirondacks in the wintertime.

We've complied a list of winter hiking photos from Instagram to give you an exclusive glimpse into the beauty of the Adirondack mountains this season.

Disclaimer: Thinking about taking on a winter hike? It's vitally important to be prepared with the right clothing, gear, and supplies when embarking on a winter hike in the Adirondacks, especially in the backcountry. Hiking in the snow takes much more effort and time than hiking in the summer. The weather can change suddenly, with major snowstorms or even avalanches possible. Make sure to do adequate research beforehand, and go with someone experienced if it's your first time.

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Winter wonderland??#adirondacks

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Bald Mountain

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