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Adirondack Winter Hiking Guide

Hiking in the Adirondacks can be just as much fun in winter as it is any other time of the year. While the outdoor activity does require a fair amount of preparation, it's all worth it to see a beautiful Adirondack winter landscape from the summit of a peak. Check out safety tips and much more below.  

Never been winter hiking in the Adirondacks? Get started today by reviewing our list of the top winter hiking tips for beginners.
If your dog loves the outdoors, then go on a winter hike together. Here are some top tips and FAQs in our dog winter hiking guide.
Local 46er Sam Perkins is an expert winter hiker in the Adirondacks. Find out what he wears and brings with him on a winter hike.
If you're not sure if you own the right clothes and gear for a winter hiking trip, then check out our guide to understanding the basics of both.
One of the biggest parts of preparing for winter conditions is layering your clothes! Read our tips and learn about the different layers.
Find a winter hiking guide who can make sure you have a fun and safe trip in the Adirondacks.
Forest bathing is a sensory and healing journey you can experience all year long in the Adirondacks, including in the winter.
Want to learn more about ice safety? Learn how to check the ice properly, determine if the ice is thick enough, and stay safe.
Ice can be dangerous during winter, which is why we've created an ice safety infographic so you can determine when the ice is safe.
We've compiled a list of our favorite winter hiking photos from Instagram - get a taste of what the Adirondack region can offer.

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