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After years of unsuccessful attempts of removing the invasive species milfoil from Minerva Lake, it seems that the newest method known as "DASH" (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting) is showing positive results

In March, the New York State Department of Health issued a don't eat fish advisory for the Hudson River. 

As summer is fast approaching, many may be ready to grab the fishing gear and head out - but if you're planning on eating what you catch, check out the advisory guidelines first.

The timeless tale of the tortoise and the hare reminds us that land turtles are slow moving creatures. Unfortunately, that places them at a much greater risk while on a busy road, and Adirondack turtles are in decline as a result.

Have you ever paddled through one of the Adirondack Park's waterways and picked up a pile of long, eerie plant strands? Unfortunately, it's probably milfoil, one of the many aquatic invasive species that threaten local waterways. In order to combat the spread of these invasive species, Gov. Cuomo has established new boating regulations throughout New York State!

CV-TEC Mineville, a branch campus of Plattsburgh's Regional Career & Technical Education Center (CV-TEC), will offer graduating seniors and adults a new and improved jobs training program beginning on June 27.

Fire towers are one of the most iconic structures in the Adirondack Park, and the 34 that remain on top of various peaks serve as beacons to hikers far and wide. A handful of the historic towers - which date back to the 1900s - have been restored and opened to the public, including the 35 foot high tower on Hurricane Mountain.

The Friends of Hurricane Mountain have worked diligently to prevent the tower from being torn down and to rehabilitate it so it could once again be enjoyed by hikers. Now, the group is looking for volunteers to help spread the word about this historic landmark.

resized hurricane mountain firetower.jpg
Photo provided by the Friends of Hurricane Mountain
The DEC is appealing to the public to help with a continuous search for a hunter who went missing last November.

Photo provided for search purposes  
It's no secret the Adirondacks is a national and local treasure for outdoor recreation enthusiasts - but you essentially have to pick and choose where you go, simply because the Adirondack Region is so large.

What if you wanted to hike from one town to another? How about staying in one area one night, and another the next? 

Thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo's most recent initiatives to promote outdoor recreation and tourism in the Adirondacks, visitors and residents will now have even more opportunities for activities and lodging through a destination-based trail system.

Over the years, many planes have crashed down in the Adirondacks, but a lot of the crash sites are remote, undocumented, or a mystery. To tell their stories, one forest ranger is investigating and documenting plane crash sites throughout the Adirondacks.

If you live in a rural area of the Adirondacks, you have likely experienced the frustration of having little or even no internet connection

Thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's New NY Broadband initiative program, internet access in the Adirondacks is expected to increase substantially by the end of 2018.