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Guide To Waterfalls In The Adirondacks

From spectacular waterfalls in the Adirondacks to smaller, easy-to-get-to waterfalls, discover these wonders of nature! This guide is constantly growing, featuring some of the most popular as well as some of the the lesser known Adirondack waterfalls. Some require spectators to hike a great distance, while others are just off the beaten path.

Do you have more information or pictures of waterfalls in the Adirondacks? Please to help make this guide more useful for future visitors!

Note: information provided below includes height estimates and opinions on waterfalls in the Adirondacks and should not be regarded as a definitive source.

Adirondack Waterfalls

Allen Falls
This impressive Adirondack waterfall is in St. Lawrence County, cascading over a wall of natural rocks.
Artists Falls
A 20 ft high cascade in Gill Brook, a tributary to East Branch of the Ausable River. Additional falls can be found upstream.
Auger Falls
You will find this rushing series of rapids on the Sacandaga River in Wells, NY.
Ausable River Falls
High Falls Gorge in Wilmington provides easy-access to incredible views of the Ausable River Falls.
Beaver Meadow Falls
Beaver Meadow Falls is a 60-foot horsetail cascade falls on a tributary to the East Branch of the Ausable River.
Beecher Creek Falls
This waterfall is located north of the Great Sacandaga Lake near an historic covered bridge, offering two rewards for your visit.
Blue Ridge Falls
Blue Ridge Falls features several small, turbulent drops, and is located on a stretch of The Branch.
Bog River Falls
The Bog River Flow empties into the southern end of Big Tupper Lake, creating beautiful falls in the Horseshoe Wild Forest.
Bouquet River Falls
The Bouquet River Falls is actually two sets of falls.
Bushnell Falls
A 5 mile hike up Johns Brook from Keene Valley will lead you to this 20-foot waterfall.
Buttermilk Falls
Buttermilk Falls is one of the most visited waterfalls in the Adirondacks, mostly because the hike is very short, easy and flat.
Cascade Falls
This large and picturesque cascading waterfall drops over 100 feet from Cascade Mountain.
Clay Meadow Falls
This 20-foot seasonal falls is located near the Clay Meadow Trailhead near Northwest Bay Brook.
Death Falls (aka Secret Falls)
These falls are most impressive in times of high water and can be accessed by a flat trail that circles around a flooded area.
Dug Mountain Brook Falls
You'll see a few small falls on your way upstream to the main waterfall of Dug Mountain Brook Falls. You can access these falls by boat or on foot.
Dunkley Falls
This falls has a large boulder at the base. Picnic facilities are on the premises and the Black Hole swimming area is near by.
Fairy Ladder Falls
This 90 foot high staircase cascade is located on Gill Brook, upstream from Artists Falls.
Falls of Clarion
The Falls of Clarion is located downstream from Lachute Falls, on the Ticonderoga River.
Flume Falls
Flume is a series of falls in a narrow section of the Ausable that total roughly 60 feet.
Garnet Lake Falls
This natural waterfall was enhanced by a concrete culvert that was built at the outlet of Garnet Lake.
Goldmine Falls
These picturesque, rocky falls are located in the town of Arietta, NY, but can be difficult to find.
Grasse River Waterfalls Degrasse near Cranberry, NY,
(in order of distance away) Basford Falls, Sinclair Falls, Twin Falls, Stewart Rapids, Bulkhead Falls, Rainbow Falls, Copper Rock Falls.
Hague Brook Falls Hague, NY,
A 15 ft high and a 10 ft high roadside falls on Hague Brook near Hague.
Hanging Spear Falls near Calamity Mtn.,
An 80 ft high, hourglass shaped falls on the Opalescent River near Calamity Mtn.
Harper Falls near Lampson Falls,
Make it a day trip to visit these rocky falls and Lampson falls in the Grasse River Wild Forest in one day!
High Falls Ohio, NY,
A beautiful waterfall located on West Canada Creek.
High Falls Chateaugay, NY,
Situated in a narrow chasm on the Chateaugay River (west of the village), this spectacular waterfall is the main feature of High Falls Park. The Park's nature trails offer a great view of the falls.
High Falls Five Ponds Wilderness,
Located on the Oswegatchie River in the northwestern Adirondacks. Though these falls aren't incredibly high (despite their name), they are one of nature's subtle beauties.
High Falls Gorge near Wilmington,
This commercial property features well maintained trails and bridges to get you excellent views of Climax (50 ft), Rainbow, Mini, and Main Falls. The Falls total roughly 100 ft over a 700 ft stretch of the Ausable River.
High Falls Power Dam Saranac, NY,
This falls is half man-made half nature-made, but it's a spectacular sight.
Hoisington Brook Cascade Westport NY,
A small cascade under a stone footbridge in Westport, on Lake Champlain.
Hulls Falls near Keene NY,
A wide, 20 ft high falls on the east branch of the Ausable River, south of Keene.
Indian Falls south of North Elba,
A 25 ft high falls on Marcy brook that overlooks the MacIntyre Mountain Range and is a popular rest stop for hikers on their way to Mt Marcy; NY's highest peak.
Jamestown Falls near South Colton, NY
The Jamestown Falls is one of the last sections of whitewater on Racquette River. Access available from dirt road access point on NYS DEC land 2.4 miles north on Route 56, located off NYS Route 3 west of Tupper Lake
Jay Falls Jay, NY,
You will find this Adirondack waterfall along the Ausable River, near the covered bridge in Jay, NY.
La Chute Falls near Ticonderoga NY,
A 35 ft high cascade on the Lake George's outlet: Ticonderoga Creek. An man-made dam falls and an 8 ft natural falls can also be seen upstream.
Lampson Falls Grasse River Wild Forest in the Town of Clare, NY,,
A 2900-foot-long hike on a level trail is rewarded by an incredible view overlooking these powerful falls. It allows for wheelchair access, too. Accessible trail is located on the west side of County Route 27, approximately 4 miles north of Degrasse
MacIntyre Brook Falls south of North Elba,
The journey along the Algonquin Peak Trail to Wright Peak will lead you to this 15 ft cascade.
Monument falls near Lake Placid,
A short walk from Route 86 and your at this 8 ft high cascade on the Ausable River, near Lake Placid.
Moody Falls near Sevey Corners, NY,
It's an easy hike to get to this little waterfall in the Adirondacks, north of Childwood.
Mossy Cascade Brook Falls North of St. Huberts,
A 40 ft high cascade in Mossy Cascade Brook, a tributary to East Branch of the Ausable River, North of St. Huberts. Another 10 ft cascade is found along the way.
Natural Stone Bridge near Minerva, NY,
The commercial attraction Natural Stone Bridge and Caves on Trout Brook features an 8 foot waterfall, a marble natural stone bridge, and several caves (one of which with a waterfall within).
North Creek Falls on North Creek in Stratford, NY,
A series of cascades on a flowing creek make for a delightful view.
Northwest Brook Falls near Lake George, NY,
Just north of Lake George, you'll find two beautiful waterfalls on Northwest Brook.
OK-Slip Falls OK-Slip Brook, east of Indian Lake, NY,
The Adirondack's highest falls and one of the tallest waterfalls in the state. The hike is long but rewarding. Note: This falls is located on private land.
Opalescent Falls Newcomb,
A 15 ft cascade on the Opalescent River, just downstream from Hanging Spear Falls.
Palmer Falls Corinth NY,
Locally nicknamed Mill Falls, this waterfall along the Hudson River can be spotted at the southern end of the Adirondack Park in Corinth.
Pyramid Falls near Keene Valley, NY,
Pyramid Creek, a tributary to the East Branch of the Ausable River, has a 20 and 15 ft falls at a bend in the creek. The Cascades fan out from the top, forming a pyramid shape.
Rainbow Falls at Ausable Chasm Ausable Chasm, Keeseville, NY,
The most photographed falls in the Adirondacks, these series of cascades will fool you into thinking mankind carved them out, but they are a beautiful Mother Nature creation. Watch for glimmering rainbows on a sunny day!
Rainbow Falls at Ausable Club on the Ausable Club property in St. Hubert's NY,
These falls encompass 150 feet of cascades, which fill the gorge with a constant mist, providing ideal conditions for spotting rainbows on sunny days. They are located along the east branch of the Ausable River at Lower Ausable Lake.
Raquette Falls on Raquette River in Harrietstown, NY,
For what these falls lack in height, they more than compensate for in their breadth. They are a spectacular rushing falls on Raqette River.
Roaring Brook Falls Route 73 just southeast of Keene, NY,
A tall, narrow falls over 100 ft tall in two segments. The flow is low and it looks best in spring or after heavy rain.
Rockwell Falls Hadley NY,
These horseshoe falls are located along the Hudson just before it meets up with the Sacandaga River.
Rocky Falls Indian Pass Brook, south of Lake Placid,
A small 6 ft falls and lean-to on Indian Pass Brook near Heart Lake.
Salmon River Falls NY
Salmon River Falls Unique Area encompasses 112 acres of land in the town of Orwell in northern Oswego County. The 110 foot Salmon River Falls and the scenic gorge are the popular attractions of this wonderful parcel of state land.
Schroon Falls Schroon Falls, NY,
A 6 ft drop on the Schroon River in the middle of Schroon Falls, NY.
Shelving Rock Falls Lake George / Fort Ann, NY area,
One of the rewards of the Shelving Rock hike is this spectacular waterfall on the East side of Lake George. It is accessible from the Lake through Log Bay.
Split Rock Falls near Elizabethtown, NY,
A popular, picturesque drop. Unique, with a plunge pool in its mid-section and at the bottom. Check downstream for a second, smaller cascade.
Square Falls between Wells and Bakers Mills, NY,
Only attempt to access these falls in mid-summer when water levels are low. The waterfall has a fairly flat plateau of bedrock at its top and a deep pool that is great for swimming at its base.
St. Regis Falls St. Regis Falls, NY,
This waterfall on the St. Regis River is within the Village of St. Regis Falls, Town of Waverly, in the Adirondack State Park. It can be easily accessed and has a look-out on one side and rustic trail on the other connected by a new bridge.
Staircase Falls Crown Point, NY,
Several small (1-2 ft) drops lined up on Putnam Creek near Crown Point Center.
Tennant Creek Falls Hope Falls, NY,
These falls can be reached by a pleasant (and easy) three-mile round trip hike along beautiful cascades and several smaller waterfalls. The falls provide the background for a large, deep pool surrounded by small cliffs.
T-Lake Falls Piseco, NY,
Perhaps the most impressive waterfall in the Adirondacks, T-Lake Falls requires a 10-mile hike to reach. It is the highest waterfall in the Adirondacks and one of the highest in New York State.
Unnamed Falls near Pitcairn, NY,
These beautiful falls can be found along Greenwood Creek in the Adirondacks.
Unnamed Falls near Lake Colden, Essex County,
A 25 ft cascade near Lake Colden with other smaller falls along the way.
Unnamed Falls on Sucker Brook, NY,
One of many unnamed falls on Sucker Brook along the Cranberry Lake 50.
Unnamed Falls Lake George, NY,
Small waterfall that feeds into Shelving Rock Falls. The trail to get to them isn't well traveled if you are looking for a challenge.
Wadhams Falls Wadhams, NY,
A large flume falls on the Boquet River in the center of Wadhams, near Lake Champlain.
Wanika Falls near Lake Placid, NY,
A series of cascades totaling over 100 feet along Chubby Creek and the Northville Placid Trail.
Wedge Brook Falls Wedge Brook Creek, Keene, NY,
Wedge Brook Creek, a tributary to the East Branch of the Ausable River, has 3 falls (from 8 to 30 ft high).
West Stony Creek Falls near Northville, NY,
These falls in Hamilton County are easily accessed by a 1.5 mile hike along an old dirt road. Although the falls are only four feet high, the falls are prettily situated just downstream from a rustic, log footbridge that spans the creek.
Whitaker Falls NY
Enjoy the scenery of the Black River valley. The Whitaker Falls is also know by Whitaker Park and is on Glendale Road in Martinsburg. Follow NYS Route 26 south out of Lowville.
Wilmington Flume near Lake Placid, NY,
Where the Ausable River ceases to be easy flowing and begins to flow more quickly in a series of falls.
Wilmington Notch Falls near Wilmington, NY,
A thin, but powerful 50 ft cascade down a narrow cut in the Ausable canyon. The best view is from the Wilmington Notch Campground. There may be a fee.