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Immerse your senses in nature on a unique guided outdoor experience.
Saranac Lake & Lake Placid areas, NY |
Wading in the Ausable River Feel the current and listen to the sounds of the water on a Riverwalking trip.
group of people outdoors Riverwalking is a wonderful activity to try as a group.
group of people outdoors standing in a circle Picture yourself in the natural world around us.
group of people outdoors standing in a circle Your guides will lead you through relaxing sensory activities.
woman kneeling near a tree stump Discover a new way to explore nature on one of their eco-trips.
two kids climbing on wood
woman sitting on a tree stump Sensory immersions in nature can be beneficial for your health.
group of people outdoors
No goal, no objectives. No goals, no objectives.
Up close and personal UP close and personal
Women sitting in the river Time to take a break
Feeling the textures of nature Feeling the textures of nature
kayak on the water Enjoy a peaceful guided kayaking adventure in the Adirondacks.
the logo for adirondack riverwalking Contact Adirondack Riverwalking today for more information!


Are you ready to slow down, unplug, and immerse your senses in nature? Adirondack Riverwalking offers guided outdoor sensory experiences in the Adirondacks, including Forest Bathing year round and Riverwalking.

Experience Forest Bathing and Riverwalking

Adirondack Riverwalking is an outdoor unique guide service that aims to enhance human wellbeing and foster human care for nature. Their team of expert guides is ready to introduce you to the beauty of the Adirondack Park and help you discover the region from an all new perspective.

Riverwalking and Forest Bathing are the two main guided experiences you can book, and they focus on sensory immersion, exploration, and relaxation. Don a pair of waders and enjoy walking through moving water, feeling the current, and hearing the sounds of nature on a riverwalking trip. Or, sign up for Forest Bathing and open up your senses to the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of an Adirondack forest. Rediscover the magic of winter with Forest Bathing on snowshoes.

Some of the benefits include reduced stress, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, a stronger immune system, less anxiety, and greater attention and concentration. Explore nature, up close and personal, to rekindle your sense of wonder and playfulness. A great family activity for all ages and for families!

Book Your Trip & Immerse Yourself in Nature

Riverwalking with Adirondack Riverwalking is offered in summer and fall, and each group is limited to a maximum of eight people. You can join an upcoming trip, or book a private trip in advance.

Forest Bathing is available in spring, summer, fall, and winter, giving you the option to experience your favorite season in the Adirondack Park. Whether you love the warm sunshine of summer, the colors of autumn, or the crisp air and snowy wonderland of winter, Forest Bathing is a truly unforgettable adventure.

Discover Kayaking Adventures

Go for a kayaking adventure along Little Clear Pond in the Adirondacks. Immerse yourself in the peace of a secluded pond and the mystery of the surrounding forest. Presented in collaboration with Adirondack Lakes & Trails Outfitters, these guided kayak trips include:

  • 45-minute paddle each way
  • 75-minute Forest Bathing experience
  • 3-hour total program time
  • Kayak, paddle, personal flotation device rental and guide fee included

The maximum group size for each trip is 8 people, and the 2020 season schedule will be available starting April 2020.

To book your trip, visit their website today!

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