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The "Official" Way To Pronounce 'Schroon' Lake

Oh, you've heard it said both ways. You've heard people appear to be the authority on whether to pronounce Schroon as 'SKroon' or 'SHroon' haven't you? I certainly have!

Since I don't live in Schroon Lake, I thought the best way to clear things up and get a definitive answer on how to pronounce Schroon Lake would be to contact the locals. So I did.
Who better to contact than a local business who has 'Schroon' right in their business name? Sharon Piper from the Schroon Lake Bed & Breakfast was courteous enough to help me out. Her verdict?

LOCALS-SAY.gif"Regarding the correct way to say our town, it is SKroon (like school)," said Piper. "Many people say Shroon (like mushroom) but that is not it, and we snicker behind our hands when people do that."

Thanks Sharon, and maybe the locals won't have to do so much snickering anymore. For all who read this post, I hereby hold you accountable to pronounce Schroon Lake correctly without ignoring the c!

Thankfully, I have been pronouncing it correctly my entire life, but it has been a hot topic in my household for the past week. My husband recently heard some guys at work pronounce it 'Shroon' (incorrectly), and he followed suit. Gently, I told him, "I've always heard people pronounce it 'Skroon' Lake." And so the battle ensued.

Thanks to Sharon Piper for adding one more win to team wife!

Have you ever argued with people about the correct way to pronounce Schroon Lake or another Adirondack town? Were you on the losing end of this one? I guess other popular mispronunciations are Chazy and Ausable, Piper said.

A beautiful photo of Schroon Lake, captured by Sharon's husband Mark Piper

Anyway, there you have it, tourists. If you ever wanted to know the correct way to pronounce Schroon Lake, it's right here in black and white. Now you can book your vacation to Schroon Lake (and possibly even stay at the beautiful Schroon Lake Bed & Breakfast) and tell people with confidence that you're vacationing in 'SKROON' Lake!

Now if only there was an authority on whether or not it's okay to wear socks with your sandals... anyone?

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How about the one: Piseco Lake Pie see co ? Pie sec o ?
Nope its Pi se co, spoken quickly!

I hear tons of them. How about Tahawus? That's ta-hoss, not ta-ha-wus. Or Santanoni, which I've heard pronounced Santorini among others. Piseco is definitely a good one.


Or... Chazy, as Chazy Lake. It's Shay-zee, not Chazzy.

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